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Without order Last 2 month


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What you are experiencing happens when you receive negative private feedback. If your private feedback falls below a certain threshold, the stats of all the gigs take a nosedive. It takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for your gigs and account to recover.

Of course, something else might have happened. The logo gig category is very competitive.

Your gig image could be a bit more attention-grabbing. Here's a good article by Fiverr on gig images: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4410883326481-Gig-image-guidelines-Making-the-most-of-your-Gig-image?segment=seller 

10 minutes ago, shadhin_das said:

I am very depressed.

Seek medical attention for depression. That's not something forum members can help with.

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Hello. My name is Tommy and as an experienced professional - I have developed certain protocols to bypass problems such as the one you’ve mentioned. I’d like to take a few minutes and share with you the tools I use to succeed on fiverr - and you’re free to adopt any or all of these proven methods.

As a professional “Only Fans” model, I know that self contained businesses are hard (no pun intended). My fiverr service, “I will teach you to be a male only fans model” is wildly popular because of my dedication, my attention to detail and my ability to rise to the occasion. Here is how I’ve maintained a high level of success - and now you can join me in the winners circle: 

1) Pick the right body oil

Contrary to popular belief - baby oil isn’t always the most trusted source for “popping pecs.” I’ve found that “cool down spray,” a liquid originally intended to cool sunburn, has a glow that will surely make your profile picture beam with jacked-ness.

2) Don’t skip Leg Day:

Sure, fiverr success is all about the biceps and chest, but no one can take your service seriously with scrawny legs. After all, you’re going to be showcasing this area quite a bit.

3) Flex for ten minutes post workout

Its a proven fact that static exercise can harden, strengthen, and promote vascularity to the muscle. Your clients need to know that when that shirt comes off - the magic turns on.

Note: I seem to also get a lot of female clients. I’m starting to think they don’t really need to know how to become a male only fans model. It’s just a lot of “hey, can you send me that tutorial in a lower tank top,” type of stuff. So word to the wise: over sized tank tops are good for repeat clients.

4) No Stupid Hats:

At the risk of sounding strict - nothing kills a sale faster than a stupid hat. It’s also important to repeat this message to your clients. Make sure they understand: even when their customer wants an erotic video while you wear a hat - the answer is always “no.” It never goes as intended. You think you look like Brad Pitt in “Thelma and Louise.” You don’t. You look like Mr. Peanut. And who gave you that monocle? It looks awful - and your clients will be terribly upset when a fleet of lonely ladies demand their money back because you turned them off to edible seeds forever.

5) Kegels:

Just do them. You’re welcome. 

6) Stress Delaying to your clients:

Right? You know what I mean. Delaying? It’s like … Remember in school, when you didn’t want to look at the clock, because you thought the time would go faster if you looked at the clock, but then all you thought about was looking at the clock - and so you looked at the clock - but only a full minute went by? Do the opposite of that without pants.

That’s delaying. 

Okay man. That should be everything you need to teach other guys how to have a successful only fans page. Remember to tell them to watch the sugar. Read the food packages. Practice stretches.

I wish you the best. 

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2 hours ago, shadhin_das said:

My account is level one but still totally down my account. I am very depressed.

First of all, keep patience. Optimize your GIG images and details relevant to GIG SEO. Hopefully, You will again get new orders on Fiverr. Good luck 😃


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