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I'm Expert architect but my gig is not ranking



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To get order those things might help you :

  • Shortest Gig title
  • SEO friendly Gig Description
  • Most relevant search tags
  • 5 search tags
  • Attractive Gig image
  • Appropriate video inclusion
  • Social media marketing
  • Gig favorites
  • Orders in hand
  • 5 Stars Reviews
  • Positive customers reviews

All above mentioned  things are absolutely fine but here is a catch ! if you are a new seller how can you get 5 star review! so for a beginner please make a gig video .  Come in-fornt of your camera ,make a gig video. People  buying from you are unknown to you ,they have their trust issue . It's very common . if you come on video it would be more convincing , isn't it? so for getting your first order it would be a very good initiative from my perspective

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14 hours ago, alihassan786_ said:

I create 7 gigs and all of these this month i get 900+ impressions and only 4 clicks and no order. I use the keyword that have below 4000 competiton. If some one can help so please tell me about that. What are the ranking factors?

if all 7 gigs are for the same service you are fighting with your other gig, better having less gig, anyway, double check image, title, description, tag, if you are not receiving any order means there is something wrong 

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