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"Generative AI Tools" Webinar


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Joining Forces With Generative AI

How to use the latest advancements to supercharge your success.

Check out our webinar to discover how freelancers can unlock the power of AI to maximize productivity and profitability.

https://www.fiverr.com/content/rt/generative-ai-tools - Watch it online here!


Meet the speakers:

David Tabachnikov is the creator of Hacking Modern Life, a YouTube channel devoted to helping people streamline and optimize their lives with technology. With his expertise in emerging technologies, David educates both novices and techies alike to maximize their digital lives and enjoy them to the fullest. Whether it's a new device, app, or platform, David can guide you through the sometimes complex process of mastering the latest tech.

Asaf Azar is Fiverr’s Programming & Tech Vertical Manager. With diverse experience in programming, cybersecurity, product management, and business development, Asaf has built and scaled a range of tech products. Asaf recently joined Fiverr with a mission to make technology services accessible to businesses of all sizes, while helping sellers monetize and grow.

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