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A Bizarre Experience!!!


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I have been working on fiverr for about 3+ years now and in this week has been the worst experience ever!

a buyer i was working normally 2-3 orders, and my quotation prices was reasonable based on the requirements and orders are perfectly delivered. so after few small works, buyer requested a new requirements that is complex than the ones before. so the quote as usual was based on the requirements and as expected higher than the previous orders.


but the buyer upon seeing the quote, started arguing and calling me and everyone on fiverr 'greedy', 'scammer' because he thinks after doing few orders with anyone they increase the price gradually. and silly things like,

"he has friends that said it takes 10min to do and they could do it but they forgot now" 

"he spends 2 hours to earn that money how can he spend that money on something that is a copy-paste work" 

"he went to 10 more coders and they said we will do for $10" (but still continues to ask me to do it)


i don't understand, if its copy-paste work why don't they do it themselves?! why don't they just find someone else if they don't like a lowest possible reasonable price from me?!



not understanding the fact, price can depend on the project size and we don't charge for time but experience. its like one of those people, who always wants everything for cheap rate, no matter how small/big their request is.


I work as web developer, and every client requirements are different and price depend on that. and this buyer literally saying that whatever i do is "copy-paste" from google!

and buyer was discussing the new requirements while an order was in delivered status. so now that he didn't like the new job quote, he left a bad feedback on that order, not because it was a bad experience in the work or delivery but he didn't like the new reasonable quote for new job he asked. 😶

I'm didn't bother asking CS help as it happened to me before with another client once and i know fiverr couldn't help me that time and can't now either.


and after few hours, suddenly i got a warning from fiverr, that i have misused the delivery button! i got a big shock! How is misused when i delivered the previous works after confirming it with the client that its perfect?!! i didn't knew which order for i got the warning.

guess what happened! that Buyer reported somehow that I have misused or delivered the order without completion or something  (confirmed on 5-6 message from CS), when the issue is he don't like my price for the new job that why falsely reported me!

I reached out to fiverr support regarding this. i wasn't asking them to remove the warning, but was asking a simple question on how it is misused?!

#1 first person came and gave me the full description of things i already know. and said delivery has no attachment that's why its misused. 

But What should i include as attachment if my work is , working on client's website directly?

#2 first message, I couldn't find my answer, so i asked again briefly based on my conversation with the buyer, where did i misused the delivery button?

same person from CS came again and said to find it my self in the chat. i reviewed again and didn't found a single issue on how i misused it! years ago i received a violation for delivery misuse, that was  actually misused, when i was first starting, i mistakenly delivered the order while missed one of the requirement of the client.


but this time i have completed the work > ask buyer if everything's good > client says its perfect > and then i delivered with a message.

#3 after the 2nd request to CS, i went to them 3rd and 4th time with the screenshots of when i delivered the order, that i only delivered after i completed the work. check the screenshots below:

When work is done and buyer confirmed that its 'perfect' on 5:56PM - 5:58PM


and this is when i delivered after about 10min later  at 6:11PM as its perfect from client end. and regarding that there was no question or revision from client:


and on above screenshots you can check , later he started to discuss new job (5:59PM). and after discussing and quotation, he got angry with my reasonable quotation > accepted the delivery of this job with a bad feedback..


#4, and New CS came and with no answer on what i was asking (where did i misused) , and explained that they reviewed the every piece of information, and decision is made that i should get a warning and i violated the rule by misusing delivery button.

I was so confused not receiving my answer , i thought new CS didn't get my question and i asked for the 5th time the question clearly. 

#5 CS came back with the answer that  I didn't attach any attachments to the order that's why its misused! 🤯
same thing as explained above.. If there is nothing to include what should i include?? my job is not about attachments!! omg!

#6 I calmly reached out again for 6th time explaining this simply, that my job is about working directly to my customer's website, not providing them any kinds of files or attachments. 

This is mistake and injustice to me, that fiverr gave me warning listening to buyer's report , not checking or verifying the actually fact and what happened.
and last reply from CS is what I got made me just hopeless.


in other words, they can do nothing. even if it is mistake, it was not a mistake. buyers are always right.
keep quiet and do your job. next time you provide everything to a client and client falsely accuse you seller for not delivering the things they want, wait for a account suspension, because client was right, you didn't provide them their request (even if you actually did).. 


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@arifursdev this must be very frustrating and humbling at the same time. It’s very challenging to work so hard and feel you have been wronged. 

There is a place in Fiverr to Report a Bug or Suggestion. Perhaps you can stay factual and explain that your work does not allow for attachments and suggest to include a secondary button that says you have delivered the order but “no attachment” is verified by the buyer and you have completed the work. 

I can see how a coder would have this issue. I am sure you are not the only one who may have this issue? So for now the rule that is in place was broken, but the order was delivered in a different format. This is the bug or suggestion— To add a different format besides an attachment for those who work directly with a website etc. at least you have made the suggestion in a formal way. 

Customer service employees are smart and sophisticated. They are like a judge. A court judge makes judgements based on current law… period. There is no interpretation only facts. However, laws can change. This is why you can report a bug or leave a suggestion.  Does this make sense? My dad was a superior court judge for many years so I understand rules and laws. 

So based on what the current Fiverr law is, the law was broken. It may be the perfect time to suggest an amendment to the law?



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@proadvert9 I appreciate your response. i have thoroughly verified every bit of information in our conversation with the buyer and found no fault of mine. I have completed 1200+ orders similar to this coding job and included attachments or pictures (for fiverr portfolio) when needed. and 98% of the jobs didn't need any attachments. 

even the same job i got warning for. but sadly i got the warning anyway for no reason. 

like the buyer didn't like my price for the new job , and reported that "they didn't get what they wanted" and fiver immediately without thinking twice, sent a warning. now i'm just worried that I might get my account suspension if i deliver any order after it is done from my end and the buyer falsely reports me!

I was extra careful since my first warning 2/3 years ago, now i don't know what my fault is and what should be careful about that what i already am. I wonder if any officials/CEO ever takes few min to look at the forum or ever reads any customer feedback.

i will think about your suggestion and try to reach the CEO as this is not just me but for thousands of sellers out there who not only got warnings but got suspended for absolute no reason. 

Thank you!


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@melissaharlowvo I appreciate your response. i do sometimes if i see any normal bug on the interface and if i have any suggestions on that option. but this one is a tricky situation and fault is from the buyer and careless 1/2 CS employees for not addressing it.

I have completed over 1200+ orders similar to that, almost 98% of the job doesn't require any attachments. think about it, I have completed those without warning and i got warning for this job that doesn't require attachments? very fishy!

this is 2nd time like this to meet a narcissistic type of buyer but for this one i got warning.

i appreciate your suggestion, but if CS doesn't address this now, next time i/someone may not have the interface to click on those 'feedback' links to provide fiverr feedback because they will left account banned with no response and no help.

if i did something wrong i would never raise such topic or waste yours time in reading and my time in writing this huge article thing with all the screenshot proof of timing, what type of work i do etc..

I'm sure you understand, what happens when judge doesn't do his job.

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