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This is the most creative place i have ever seen!


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Hi all,

I am a buyer at Fiverr and i will continue to do so , probably forever!

To the team @ Fiverr

I just have to say “a BIG thank you” to Fiverr for putting the website and great service together. It is just heaving with such great , creative people. I love it here! I can get a whole manner of jobs done that i either don’t know how to or just not enough time in the day.

To the sellers

I have met some sellers on here that just blow my mind. There work is so great. Really helpful. There are so many creative minds here, you fill such a gap and your services really help many people. I have a number of projects in the early or just starting stages and my first thought as i am planning the project. Is how much of this can i give over to the sellers at Fiverr. You guys rock!

To the buyers

Fivver is a great place to get our needs filled. Design, voice over, proof reading. It takes the burden off us and gives someone else a little extra. Please just be a little thoughtful. The clearer you make your request the better your experience will be. I not only add files but sometimes add a screen shot, especially for any modifications. It has really helped. We are not NIKE international, so be fair with the seller regarding gig extras or maybe a little tip if they turn out good work. I am building a business relationship with my sellers, i want them to work with me as much as i do them. The sellers i use know me, and usually where i am coming from when i make a request.

Lets all have alot of fun… Fiverr is a win- win for all!

I must go, i have so much to do…wow, i think i need a VA!



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Great post Warren. It’s nice to see you, as a buyer, really trying to engage with sellers.

You will find a humongous range of talent on fiverr, and I’m sure you could outsource 95% (or more) of your project! 🙂

Also, it’s lovely to see a fellow Englishman on the forums.

Good luck.


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Is it me or is this forum a new tab on the top of my screen ?

ahhhh you know, networking with like mined people is my passion and you are correct, the talent on here is great.

Yes, outsourcing is the way i want and will soon need to go.

Connecting with others is so important, i have been so amazed with the sellers on here i have ordered through. You are looking at 4 different countries.

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling last Sunday when i was out for most of the day, but i had 3 different sellers producing for me.

1 guy in India working on my social media headers

1 guy in Netherlands working on logo for new project

Another guy in India creating an ebook cover

All this while i spent the day with my family.

3 gigs on fiverr $15 = Time with family …PRICELESS

Thank you for reaching out.



I will message you soon about proof reading gigs, my grammar is not as sharp as it needs to be!

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Man, if just all the buyers were like you, it would have saved us (the sellers) a tremendous amount of time. You seem to be one of those great-to-work-with buyers who know exactly what they want and how to explain it.

Good luck with your projects!

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