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My Gigs disappeared



Hi co-freelancers! I am a level 2 seller (more than 200 projects) with 4.9 average rating. I have no latest cancelations, no changes in 2 (out of 4) of my gigs, no issue with clients the last 3 months (repeating satisfied clients only).

After a month of illness that I had my gigs deactivated, when I reactivate them my impression dropped and from the first page I was pushed to the last one for over two consecutive months! I tried to promote my gigs but they were disqualified (support assured me that they will be qualified soon but still nothing). Ultimately, my gigs disappeared from the search bar with ANY relevant keyword, also I am not searchable in my category or my country either.

Of course, support replied to this issue with generic and incompetent solutions. 

Any suggestions or ideas why is this happening? 

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17 hours ago, hassam_islam said:

what allegation fiverr applied on your gigs ?

At first, they claim my gigs were searchable, although I have attached various screenshots that they weren't. Then, when I asked them to check the attached photos and that I am nowhere to be found not even in local sellers, they respond that "Fiverr cannot guarantee where your gig will appear in search". Again I sent more screenshots and told them that my gigs weren't anywhere in search. After 3 messages, they told me that my issue will be forwarded to their relevant team and it will be fixed shortly. However, my gigs are still not searchable.

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