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46 minutes ago, marketarrayhan said:

What impact will ChatGPT have on new graphic designers like us?

FYI. Chat GPT is a chat service and not a design platform.  However, 

Based on your profile it's apparent that you're using templates to create your logos and your flyers, so to say you're a graphic designer is a bit of an overstatement.  With this in mind I would say that AI technology will be able to replicate your services relatively easily in the very near future.  

For experienced graphic designers who don't use templates and create truly unique logos, this will be much harder service for AI tech to replicate. They will rely on their skills, creativity and emotional intelligence to deliver an exceptional service to their client. 

I would therefore strongly suggest that while you're waiting for your first order, you learn the trade of becoming a legitimate graphic designer who can come up with unique and exciting designs without the need of templates. Otherwise, what you're doing is simply data entry! 

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