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Change violations to include buyers leaving neagtive feedback when requesting services not paid for.

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Several times now I have had to suffer negative feedback because a buyer requested additional services not covered in offer or paid for. In the most recent 1 star feedback was left on all points even though there was lengthy communication before and after delivery of a custom offer for exactly what the client requested. After delivery The client requested something totally different and I communicated this was not in the scope or discussion of original offer and they would have to place anew order. No response from the client other than leaving negative feedback stating a revision request was sent and I didn't fulfill it. And Fiverr support is anything but supportive. The response I have got several times is ...

"I’ve looked into your buyer's review and found that as much as I understand your frustration, the review does not include any violations of our Terms of Service.  
Feedbacks are an important part of every marketplace that helps us to maintain the integrity of the Fiverr marketplace. For this reason, Customer Support doesn't remove the feedback that is written by our customers unless there is a clear violation of our Terms of Service or Community Standards"

Why should a seller suffer and then have to worry about future issues and consider giving away free services or possibly suffer negative feedback?

Can we change the terms of service to include this as a violation when there is CLEAR documented proof the buyer is trying to cheat the seller?

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

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Follow up...

After sending a follow up to the generic reply received on several occasions the response I got back from fiverr support was that they KNOW that buyers can leave this type of feedback back it does not violate terms of service. So again...if you send your order EXACTLY as requested and the buyer requests additional work not in original scope of order or quote (work not paid for) and you don't deliver that FREE work you may suffer unwarranted feedback and Fiverr will NOT do anything about it.

Their point was, well you have near perfect feedback so this shouldn't affect anything on your account or keep you from delivering the same quality you have been for the last 10years. WHAT ABOUT THE NEWBIES? What if this was a new seller with minimal feedback or someone who just started offering services and this happened? Their feedback would be affected badly first off. And also. how likely or motivated would they be to continue with offering services on this site knowing support allows this to happen?


Now in my case or previous, had I communicated that if they leave 5 star feedback I would deliver the additional FREE work...guess what....THAT IS a violation!


Had the buyer actually communicated if I do not deliver the free work they would leave 1 star feedback....that WOULD be a violation.

Does this make any sense at all? No.

They have opened the door to passive bullying in a sense to allow buyers to cheat free work out of sellers in the possibility if they don't deliver free work the will be subject to unwarranted negative feedback.

Fiverr NEEDS to change their policies on feedback, the system is flawed! When there is clear documented proof that a buyer is requesting work that was not paid for and leaves negative feedback because of it that should be a violation. Point. Period.

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I had a repeat buyer that left me a 1 star review saying very good. And I just moved on, because there's a possibility I can lose my account if I go to customer support and say the feedback was sent by mistake. So might as well move on. You can always cancel the order and report the person instead of just being manipulated for the free work. 

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