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Fiverr pro minimum amount?



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From my understanding, you can apply as a Fiverr Pro even if your gigs are below $100, but you'll need to commit to increasing the "baseline or Basic package" of your gigs to that $100 mark

Other semi-related notes to keep in mind:

  • You'll get accepted into the specific category you apply for, so only your gigs in that category will be eligible to be "converted" into pro gigs if and when you're accepted.
  • You'll get a customer success manager from Fiverr's team to help with the onboarding process to Fiverr Pro. They'll also be helping convert your eligible gigs and optimizing them.
  • When a gig is converted to a pro gig, you'll sort of lose the history associated with the non-pro version (reviews, ratings, etc.) However, it seems well worth the upgrade if you're ready to make the leap.

There are plenty of great videos on YouTube discussing the process and the pros/cons of upgrading to Fiverr Pro if you'd like to hear from the pros themselves.

As I'm not a Fiverr Pro myself, feel free to correct me if the above isn't entirely accurate.

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