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  1. I received this response this morning from Fiverr support after I contacted them: “sellers may remind buyers to leave feedback but cannot solicit a positive review, nor can the seller ask the buyer to change a review once added.”
  2. I’m confused because I heard a Fiverr pro seller on YouTube say they would ask buyers if they could leave a review after delivering them the order, but I’ve heard other people say you can’t ask buyers for a review, so are you allowed to ask for a review after an order has been delivered or not?
  3. I doubt they will too but a lot of sellers have brought up concerns about the review system and buyers not leaving reviews, and I think that Fiverr should do something to change the review system..
  4. Fiverr could make it so that buyers reviews will be seen as anonymous on the gig pages at least, so if they are concerned about that, that wouldn’t have to be an issue.
  5. It would be great if on the gig page it would clearly display the number of times that people have made orders of that gig. People don’t always leave reviews for whatever reason, and I think it would be helpful if people could see how many times a gig has been ordered.
  6. Thanks… but can you only write one description that applies to all gigs?
  7. Has anyone got any tips on how to write your description if you want to sell multiple different types of gigs? For example, if you want to sell a gig for English tutoring and help with SEO… that seems really challenging? Thanks
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