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Why are earnings taking time to update?


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On 1/2/2023 at 7:34 PM, shawnevian99 said:

I also noticed a change the Earned in Month section, looks like the Earned in Month section is not working like it was used to. The amount does not change after an order is completed, it is based on the cleared payments now.

I noticed that yesterday.

It keeps saying 0 USD even though I have made money. The orders are all fully completed.

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It seems that, as Shawn noted, Fiverr now only counts "cleared" payments to your monthly total, instead of both cleared and currently clearing payments. You can check your earnings tab to make sure you're getting paid for every order. I also check my yearly analytics to see how much I've made in cleared/clearing payments to get a total that's the same as the old method.

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