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How long I have to wait to get my first order?


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4 hours ago, a_asif0 said:

I am a new seller. I have created 3 gig.  But I don't get any other.

Create more 4 gigs in similar niche and wait for minimum 30 days for gig ratio. 

If you have good title, gig image and SEO friendly description, you will get order as soon as possible :))

In this period, you should be try developing your skill basic to advance :)




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On 12/25/2022 at 10:09 AM, peter_eli01 said:

Are you always online? Because activeness on your account determines how often your gigs would show up in the market place thus improving impression

I have a question on this. How does fiverr determine your activeness? If I just have the website up and am logged in does that show I am active?

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