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On 12/18/2022 at 9:43 PM, meeshakhan321 said:

What do after set get brief order? what is next thing which i should do?

First ask the question clearly, what is your quarry exactly about? Are you asking how to get a brief or you have received the brief but you doesn't know what to do next?

The recent changes in the Fiverr algorithm have put new as well as high-level sellers in trouble. The factors unknown on how to make a gig that stands out and matches the client's requirements and in turn receive a brief.

I have searched the Fiverr forum for the same question and didn't find the assistance that helps in matching the client's requirements and getting the brief.

Some people reported that the high-level sellers are getting briefs while the recent changes in the Fiverr algorithm are not new sellers friendly.

But you should never lose hope, Fiverr always working on improving its services and the matching system will improve with the passage of time. It's better to make your profile such that solves people's issues and gives value. Promote your gigs on social media to grab clients and focus on polishing your skills.

Hope my answer will help you with what are you looking for and clear your confusion.

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The new Briefs feature allows customers to post a request with a summary of their project. The brief will be sent only to high-quality freelancers uses the details that buyers provide to immediately find the best possible matches. fiverr focus on tailoring the seller's availability, pricing, service, and skillset with the buyer's needs. If your quality metrics meet the minimum criteria, you will get matches. However, you can only have three active matches at any given time

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