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Having Multiple categories Gigs Effects Your Super Selling Gig?


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Its been months and I was thinking to discuss this point as well as seeking information
the topic I would like to share is 
Having Multiple Categories Gigs Effects Your Super Selling Gig?

I have noticed when there are multiple gigs of different categories

For example Gig for Logo design, a gig for sub-categories in logo and branding, a Gig for Website development, and many more 

the Conversion rate works as a whole.
Therefore super-selling gig has a good conversion rate and other gigs did not perform very well and have a low conversion rate 
so in total, the conversion rate would be measured, and the overall progress of the account affects the super-selling gig.
This results in low conversion and may lead to fewer sales,de-ranking of your super-selling gig 

this might not be 100% true but as for my experience I feel that this is true

So What I would like to suggest is 
if you are getting orders on the super gig you should work on that gig
and try to pause those other gigs that are just bringing clicks and impressions to you and not orders 

any expert can share their experience and those who noticed the same thing 
I would like them to share their experiences.


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