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Any tips for getting clients?



Hi all,
Any tips to get clients 😞
I became a seller a few months ago and was not active, but recently I started to focus on freelancing again, so I returned to this platform and did as much design as possible to present myself. 
Also, I did compare myself to the competitors, how much they cost etc. But my impression didn't increase a lot. 😞 
I appreciate all of your answers!!

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Finding clients on Fiverr may seem difficult to a newbie. On Fiverr, it is feasible to locate and secure excellent clientele, however, it takes some work and persistence. Here are some pointers to get you going:

1. Begin by making a fantastic profile.

Make sure your profile is well-written and has all the necessary details about your abilities and expertise because it will serve as people's first impression of you on Fiverr. Set your price point at a reasonable level and be sure to include a good shot.

2. Look for similar gigs

After creating your profile, spend some time looking over the gigs that Fiverr has to offer. Use pertinent keywords when looking for work to help you identify the greatest prospects for your skill set. Send in a proposal stating why you would be the ideal candidate for the position if you find a few gigs that seem potential.

3. Remain responsive and engaged
Once you secure a job, it's critical to remain engaged and available for the duration of the project. Make sure to keep your client informed of your work and communicate with them frequently. Positive reviews and repeat business are more likely to come your way if you perform superbly and go above and beyond.

4. Provide value-added services 

Offering value-added services above and above what is described in the gig description is one method to differentiate yourself from the competitors on Fiverr. Include any additional services you can offer that will help your client in your proposal if you can. This will demonstrate your sincere commitment to producing high-quality work.

5. Build long-lasting relationships

Finally, keep in mind that the secret to success on Fiverr is developing lasting relationships with clients. If you can deliver high-caliber work and first-rate customer service, you will have a greater chance of developing enduring connections with clients who will hire you again for subsequent projects.


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