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Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Contract




I am a personal fitness trainer and trying to create gigs to integrate Fiverr with my business and skills sets while staying within the confines of the TOS.

I have a Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Contract which I require my non-Fiverr clients to sign in consideration of me training them. 

If I am to offer a personalized fitness training gig through Fiverr I will need my Fiverr clients to review and sign such an agreement.

I have mechanisms in place to have legal documents signed through third-party online document verification providers.

I was thinking of having the Buyer submit a proof of signature as an attachment on the requirements page, but as far as I can tell to get to this point it will require me asking the buyer to navigate off-site, review the contract, sign, and upload proof of signature. I suspect some of these steps may violate TOS, but I am not certain they will if they are clearly defined through the Gig Description. To be clear, I believe, but I am not certain, the type of contract I am referencing is different than where the TOS states, "Users may not submit proposals or solicit parties introduced through Fiverr to contract, engage with, or pay outside of Fiverr."

Do any of you have experience navigating similar circumstances on Fiverr? Do you have any suggestions how I might go about this situation?

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You should talk with customer support to see if this is allowed. I guess it is, but they are the ones that know better. CS can also guide you on what to do and so on. Any reply you receive here is a personal opinion from a seller, nothing officia.. Customer support are the only ones that will deliver an official answer.

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