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Dilemma: Posting FURNITURE design gig under PRODUCT or INTERIOR design?


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Before you reply, please consider these aspects:
I am an industrial designer, and my gigs relate to this area. All my gigs are PRO Seller gigs except the new one mentioned here below.

This "Furniture Design" gig is the first one I posted as a regular seller, not a PRO seller.

Why post under the subcategory Architecture & Interior design?
1. The Architecture & Interior audience/clientele is very relevant for Furniture design. They need me when looking to develop custom items for their clients.
2. Some end users can order this service to customize their items or solve problems when planning a renovation.

Why post under the subcategory Industrial design?
1. I could remain a PRO seller for this gig.
2. supposedly, I address manufacturers or furniture marketing brands that have the "product" as objective and not "décor" instead.

The above are only assumptions. I haven't tested it yet.
What do you think would work better?
Do you have experience with both subcategories?


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