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I think you're in a tough niche at the minute.  But here is my opinion 

1)  Your images are very 'busy' try to simplify the message.  Sometimes less is more

2) As a new seller, it may sound easy to offer support after you complete the gig. (you offer 3 months aftercare) But as a web designer I know how many people change their plugins, themes and general look.  By doing this they will naturally slow their site down and come back to you for free revisions.  If you get lots of clients, all you will be doing is tweaking for existing customers, which will leave you very little space for new ones.

3) In my opinion, you will get a lot of freelancers that will come to you for a fast service.  (Including website designers like me) You may want to consider offering a gig that will turn around site speed in 24 hours?   

Just a few though thoughts to consider


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On 10/1/2022 at 2:16 PM, breals said:

 Your images are very 'busy' try to simplify the message.  Sometimes less is more

@brealsThis was excellent advice. Yet, three days later @abrahim_semhas not changed his gig images. I agree that they are too busy to catch a buyers attention. Typically buyers are busy and they do not take time to read all of the 'fluff' many sellers put in their gig images. @abrahim_semthe only words you need are the 3 or 4 words that describe what service you offer.  

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Hey expert sellers!

I've recently launched few gigs with very deep research. Now I assure myself if my gigs are perfectly optimized or not?

If not, please give your suggestions. 

Thank you a bunch in advanced for spending your valuable time for me. I will be grateful for your feedback.

Gig link:







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OMG! I'm amazed to see your gig. This is the first time I have seen a gig of such a price. BTW I didn't notice anything new about gig optimization.

Could you please tell me what points

1 hour ago, pramodchoudh188 said:

you need to optimize your gig. here i am sharing my gig link. you can see here optimize gig 

I need to improve or what points are wrong?

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