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1 hour ago, concept_azeem11 said:

My gig have 12 orders completed and ranking on the almost top. But Still no orders from last 2 months. Gig is getting good impression. My other competitors have 10-15 dollar starting price while my is 5$. what should I do?

Perhaps your five-dollar price tag is your problem. Charging five dollars screams of low quality. You're basically telling everyone "I'm not a professional" right away when you price yourself at five bucks. No real pro would even consider working for five bucks. 

How is the balance between impressions and clicks? If you're getting very few clicks, it could mean your gig thumbnails, titles and pricing is wrong/not working well for you. 

If you're getting a decent amount of clicks, but no sales, something is probably wrong with your gig description, thumbnail/gig video or packages/pricing. 

To improve, you need to know where the problem lies. That will help you narrow down areas you can improve upon in your gigs. 

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