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What to change in my gig to get first order.


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Hi @niaz770, I'm sorry I had to mark your message in my inbox as spam. The marketplace isn't where you should to request advice from other sellers to improve your gig. You can do that here. Please keep your comments to the forum.

I suggest that you thoroughly read Fiverr's ToS, which can be found here: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service

Regarding your gig, you offer proofreading and editing services to "make students essays better" so they "stand out from the crowd." 

Although you can proofread student work, your gig suggests you will do more and could get your gig shut down for violating Fiverr's ToS, which states that you can't do academic work for students. You mention:

  • I love improving and editing writing as it makes the writing stand out from other pieces of work.
  • I specialize in school work to make students' essays better.

If you proofread student work, you should only do so in the form of annotations and comments. Editing and rewriting should only be done by the student. 

I choose not to deal with student work at all and use the Seller Plus "negative keywords" to block anyone who might want to use my writing services for "essay writing" or "student essays."

Please also correct the capitalization error in your FAQ.

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