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Coming here once again in the hope of getting help




So, I am a new seller on Fiverr and so far it is going good. But I faced a couple of issues today. 
1) The buyer placed an order without discussing the issue with me first on my excel gig the price for which starts at just $5 for simple formulas. I tried all formulas on her task to find sum but her data was so complex that none of the formulas worked. If I cancel the order, my order completion rate will drop below 90%. Should I ask the buyer to cancel the order?

2) I got another buyer who wanted a dashboard. I followed all the steps she initially told me to. Upon completing the task, she kept requesting me to add more. And I just kept doing it in fear of getting a low rating. Basically she had no idea of how dashboards and stories function in Tableau. How to handle these type of buyers in the future?
3) I kept the prices initially low to get a few orders but I want to increase them now. Will editing my gigs to change prices affect my impressions? 

Thanks a lot in advance for your guidance. 

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Hi @hussainjammu

1. For the first order (f you haven't already), communicate to your buyer that your gig is for simple formulas, not complex formulas (as stated in your gig). Have the buyer select "ordered by mistake" to cancel the order. It shouldn't affect your order completion rate if the buyer cancels this way. Hopefully you've already communicated this to the buyer:


2. For the second order, you can do the same. Let the buyer know what she ordered and explain how you've delivered according to the order requirements. Tell her you would be more than willing to accommodate her other requests, but that comes with an extra charge (you can add those charges to the order as a gig extras). Most of my buyers either accept the gig extra or decide they are happy with the delivery. Communication is key to keeping these buyers happy.

3. If you feel it's time to increase your prices, give it a try. You may see less buyer inquiries, but it may be worth it if you get paid more per order and attract better customers.

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Buyers are buyers because they don't know how to do something. It's important to be very understanding of their lack of knowledge. Also, when you price a gig at $5 you are only going to attract the worst type of buyers. I personally would never buy a gig from someone that prices their services at $5. I haven't done many gigs yet on fiver but I think my average earnings per gig is around $500 and I still feel that's under valuing my skills.   

Also, never cancel the order or ask the buyer to cancel the order, instead seek free help, i'm an expert at excel and would always be willing to help out a seller that's for free that's having issues with one of their gigs. 

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