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Clients want fee's for me to work



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Those aren't clients, those are scammers. Don't pay them, don't even contact them anywhere else than on Fiverr, because if you do, you might not only get scammed out of your money, but also lose your account.

Please do yourself the favour and read Fiverr's terms, as well as the Help Center articles to know how Fiverr works, and stick to that.

As a seller, you're here to earn money, not pay money. The only fees you have to pay are Fiverr's 20% cut, and they'll automatically take those - after you've officially done and delivered an order on the order page.

Do not contact anyone off-Fiverr. Do not pay anyone off-Fiverr, and on Fiverr, you only pay if you're the buyer, obviously. Report scammers who try to make you pay and/or contact them off-Fiverr (report button on their messages), so their accounts will be removed as fast as possible, and hopefully before anyone falls for their scam.

Yes, it happens to lots of us, unfortunately, very often, lately. I hope you'll get some enquiries by actual clients soon, good luck.

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