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Copyright (sigh) Yes Again


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So you’ve been asked to do a gig that is artistic in nature and involving some intellectual property - yours. Well folks truth is you need to specify what you will give away as a seller and as a buyer specify what you expect.

The buyer does not have to give you the seller any credit for your work unless YOU the seller make that very clear before you take the job.

Fiverr policy states that your work is “work-for-hire”. If you think you’ve done something special and you want to preserve it for posterity, you had better come to terms with the buyer quickly or say good-bye to your residuals.

I’m sure this topic has been discussed a lot but I just wanted to share my two cents.

Have you run into this problem? Or been asked to do something involving intellectual property and wanted to know your rights? Share here please let us hear your story.

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The only issue I have been running into by now is, after my “I’m willing to discuss copyright, please let me know your budget for this matter.”, they run away.

I DID state in my gig that I’d charge for copyright under some circumstances.😛

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