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5 tips to start with a 100 % positive rating and jobs every day


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Well when a amateur person sign ups with fiverr he will immediately get the overview of the site but there is one thing important that your START should be wonderful and the question is HOW ?? Well that’s why I am posting the 6 most important tips to start the business on fiverr:-

1.) Well most importantly post only those gigs which you can do for sure. Because whatever your gig is you will get a chance on fiverr to prove your self.

2.) If you got your first gig than put your all efforts in the completion of the job and don’t exceed the time limit given by you.

3.) Have a very polite conversation with the buyer. So that after the completion of the job he can give you a positive review without and hesitation.

4.)Publish your gig as much as you can. Because publishing is the best way to get a traffic to your gig. And where to post it? Well post it on social media, and mainly on your **blog/website because they give the best traffic.

5.) Well be active in fiverr forum. Because here buyers will see your gig if you are active on the forum.

**Any assistance in writing the articles/content for your blog/website to rank higher in Google, use the link and get the help. http://fiverr.com/ajits733/write-article-for-your-blogwebsite

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