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This is my first time experience with Fiverr. An order was completed by one seller on May 28th and the seller requested me to rate his services ( though he did not complete his deliverables fully ) and asked to give  feedback about his services. In good faith, I  gave a decent feedback and he promised that he would complete the pending task as well. Till today, I am following up with him. He has not delivered the services that was required from him and the problem related  to my work is still pending. What do i do in such a situation? How do i escalate the matter?Thanks in advance


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It kinda is your fault that you accepted the delivery even if it wasn't complete. Ask him one more time and inform him you're reaching out to Customer Support if ever it doesn't get delivered soon. Customer Support will look into the case and they will decide from there if you will be refunded or not.

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