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My gig rank but less order but why?



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To be successful in that area, you should optimise your SEO but also make sure to use an attractive and professional gig video (increases clicks by 30-40%), make sure you do competitor research so your gig is competitive, ensure there are no spelling errors in your description, a great original portfolio of your own work, and offer professional and prompt customer service for any enquiries. 

If you made any edits to your gig recently, note it can take up to 2 weeks to climb back up the search results.

Also note that no matter how excellent all your SEO stuff is, fiverr constantly rotates which gigs are on the front and back pages so that different sellers get a chance to make sales. This is beyond your control and will always cause your rankings to drop no matter what. It is up and down for everyone like that. It is normal and part of how fiverr works. 

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