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New seller on fiverr

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Hello everyone, 


I am a Roseline, a professional ebook writer. I write, write and write. Be it ghostwriting online courses and food recipes.

Though it's been a while I have been on Fiverr. I am still a new level seller and I am happy to be here. I have a lot of goals and I hope to achieve them soon.

Thanks for welcoming me into the family.


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Writing is great, I love writing. 😄

9 minutes ago, roseline_1818 said:

I have a lot of goals and I hope to achieve them soon.

Me too, I hope I'll achieve mine soon too! But also I hope you'll achieve yours. 😃

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Hi there! So it's important to know that using any kind of tool in order to stay online is not allowed by Fiverr (e.g. auto-refresher), and can result in getting a warning.

What's furthermore important to know is staying online doesn't matter. It's not the #1 way for getting orders. Do buyers use this filter sometimes? Sure. But the majority who have projects that aren't time sensitive are simply looking for the best Seller. If they find a Seller they consider the best fit, often buyers don't mind waiting for a reply (e.g. when you're sleeping and you respond 8 hours later). 

I've had many cases where I was offline, responded couple of hours later, and I still received an order from the buyer. 

It's not about staying online. It's about creating the best gig out there. That will attract buyers. Not your online status. 

I hope this helped you understand a bit, so you can redirect your efforts at what truly will help you instead of focusing on the wrong thing! 

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