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How to increase order?

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You need to focus on many things, like,

- Amazing and eye catchy gig image,

- services that have demand and also average competition.

- give as many keywords as possible in your gig related with your service.

- try to give 10 buyer requests daily, but with good writing, no copy-paste.

- fill up your profile completely and also give gigs with good description, image and pricing. Don't give too much price, at first you need to start with minimum price.

That's all for today.

I think your post is not in the right category. Try to get tips from seller tips category where you will have this type of post already. 

Good luck with your journey and also wish me luck as I'm also a new seller and learning from Fiverr day by day.



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Try to spend some time and learn about some important things. Example:

  • how to make a good gig
  • how to optimize for SEO
  • how to attract buyers
  • how to communicate well
  • How to manage buyers
  • How to get the first order on Fiverr, etc. 

And finally, know about how to be patient.

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Response to any message as faster as possible. Also check if you've missed to respond to any messages.

And if any message goes to spam and you move it to your inbox and reply late than the original time of receiving the message, response time will be higher.

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