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Why every day remove my gig from fiverr plz guide me any one


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4 hours ago, marajkhalid said:

Hi guys plz check my gig if any mistake here plz tell me.

No, we cannot.... because that is not the purpose of this "Tips for Buyers" forum category. 

You can find your own mistakes, by reading the advice already posted on the forum, and applying it to your gig. We are not going to make you successful, or bring you sales. YOU are the only person who can make you successful, and that includes being willing to do your own market research, study what your competitors are doing, and experiment with changes until you find what works for you.

You'd better get busy, you have a lot of work/reading to do. Good luck!

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will translate and upgrade your resume, cv, cover letter, linkedi
In the gig title:
Maybe change "linkedi" eg. to "LinkedIn".

Both of your gig images look a bit stretched/not very readable. For the main gig image you could make it more like some of the other main gig images that show in that subcategory.
For the 2nd gig image maybe make it not stretched and make it more readable. The 2nd gig image says "Referenc" at the bottom - I assume that should be "Reference" or "References".

One of the search tags is "conversation" - I don't see how that really applies (maybe you mean conversion if you're converting something to a different format?).

In the packages section - on the right hand side of the page it says "premium" in all lower case in the premium package but the basic and standard packages all start with a capital letter. I'd make them all consistent. The "number of pages" field doesn't seem consistent with all the package descriptions. eg. on the standard package you say "...of a 1-2 page resume." but the number of pages field for the standard package is set to 3. In the premium package it says "of a 1'2 page resume." - I assume that should be "of a 1-2 page resume.".
According to the package descriptions, the only way to get a 3 page resume is to order the basic package, when normally you'd get more in the higher packages.

Maybe create an FAQ. Maybe state somewhere what you'll need from the buyer and in what format they should send it to you if they order (eg. do you need their CV in Word format?).

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