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Buyers order without contacting me

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I offer web development service, I was in level 2 seller and I have already completed all the requirements to be a top rated seller. However, last month there were many buyers (around 8 buyers) ordered directly without contacting me to explain about their projects they want to see if I am able to do them or not. I had to cancel them because I cannot do what they want. After I had canceled them, my order completion rate became 70% and it really affected my profile and after Fiverr's evaluation I demoted to Level 1 seller. all of this is because of direct orders! I am mentioning "contact me before placing any orders" everywhere on my gig but customers whether don't care or don't read but the loser is the seller. Now I hadn't have any orders for more than 1 month, I receive some messages but they have nothing to do with my gig.

Is there any way to avoid direct messages from customers, because in web development there should be no direct orders and customers should contact the seller first to discuss the project and the price.


Thanks all

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I also offer web development but in Shopify and I have faced this issue. There were so many direct and accidental orders. Now I have added some extras in gig so accidental order rate is dropped to zero. For the other issues, I suggest you to add the Contact before order text somewhere on the top of description or package description.

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