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How to get first order on fiverr?

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It depends on your gig performance.

If one or two of you gig is getting a so so Impression then do not delete it Give them some time to rank up.

If you do not have impression maybe you can delete your gigs one by one and do more research about the keyword Ans SEO. Remember this is the most important. Without proper SEO and keyword your gig will never rank up!!

If you have proper impression and no clicks, Change your title and GIG image.

You you have all of but no order. Try changing the description.

Don't be hasty give it some time. Social Marketing is the best way to Boost and get the traffic.

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Here are a few actionable tips you can take to get your first order:

  • Make as many gigs as possible.
  • make sure you optimize your listing as best as you possibly can.
  • research what are the best gigs to create.
  • Be very competitive with pricing.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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