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Order cancellation problem



I am a new seller. I received an order a few days ago. I talked to the buyer and I have to work with him for a month. I also agreed with him. But he didn't tell me that he had to work on multiple websites, not even I. Later I see that he is doing one thing after another with me. His budget was very limited. Yet I was working on complying with everything. After half a month, I saw that he was pressuring me for work. He is saying that the work which cannot be done in one day, should be completed in 12 hours. Later I couldn't accept it anymore and told him that I can't do so much for you in this small budget, either increase the budget or pay me as much as I have worked with you for a few days. But he did not agree and suddenly sent an offer to cancel the order. I then spoke to the Fiverr support team. They give me some advice I use, but after a while I see my order from the Fiverr support team has been canceled. Why did this happen? It was not my fault here. Later I see that the order of my profile has come down to 50% complete. Although I have already completed 4 orders in a very good way.
I want the comments of experienced people about this.

Kinds Regards 
Sumaiya Aktar

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Well, according to my experience, you can't do anything in this situation.

Just take it as a good lesson - ALWAYS text in the description the exact amount of work that you will do in the order. And when you have long-term orders, I highly recommend doing it with milestones, or separating it and making a few orders.

What I can say is that you should appreciate your work and your time, and then the buyers will respect you.
And again - describe in detail exactly how much work and what kind of work you will do.

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