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How can I get back to page 1 on Videos and Testimonials?


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I have been on Fivver for less than a week, and I have been on page no.1 until today. It made a huge difference. Yesterday was my most successful day. I had 17 gigs, and today ZERO! 😦

Is there a way or trick to this?

Kind thanks,


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Your place on Fiverr search pages is determined by a couple of things:

Your seller rating, your gig rating and the number of positive reviews on your gig.

In my experience, the number of orders in queue also has a positive effect in you showing up on the first page of search results,

Of course, this is only in my opinion and based on past experience, nobody really know how the 5er search algorithm really works. Furthermore, 5er likes to rotate gigs around as to give new sellers a chance to shine out too, so sometimes you will be on 1st page while on other days you will not, just out of 5er randomness!

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