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Is the client actively denying the project or just not responding? If the project isn't in revision, just let it be... 

The order will close after 3 days. IF the client denied the project and it's in revision, wait, then message them again (or contact CS if it takes weeks). It's holiday season and some people are busy...

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27 minutes ago, annakocsis said:

How to work with non-responsive,non sercious and moody buyers?

If they don't reply but you already have all that you need (which you should), just finish the order. 

If you don't, wait a little, contact them again (for information) or contact CS/ask for an extension/cancellation if they don't reply for an extensive period of time. 

Stay professional and calm, just handle 'moody' buyers the way you'd handle kids throwing a tantrum. Getting angry with them (or at them) makes it worse. 

Some people have it rough around this time and they might sound upset even if they are just tired/cranky. Being understanding helps a lot. 

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