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  1. but how we can send theme a professional proposal? please let me know about it if you know… Thanks
  2. hi, I was a little confused because for the past 2 months I’m not getting orders, and the not getting clients is there any reason or slow market. NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS THANKS
  3. just landed welcome to freelancer platform :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  4. my order completion decreasing day by day automatically can someone pls help or giude me what to do?
  5. that’s Great! thanks for this useful information
  6. do not just wait work hard to get it…
  7. you have to stay online on a mobile app or on a laptop… and remember don’t use any extension (auto refresher) thanks …
  8. until you did not get click or impression your money will not consume… @imtiazmaruf56
  9. 1.Stay online 2.keep updated in your field 3.responsd to buyer request**(highly recommended)** 4.Make gig attractive, SEO title, unique description, also add video NOTE last and most important BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF
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