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My own tips for you to avoid the negative reviews :D and get rated level


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Hi everyone ~^.^~ i have been on Fiverr for 3 months

I couldn’t believe it, i gave up on level one seller because i had some cancelations from buyer and got 1 negative review from a buyer who wanted me to did more than my offer ( i asked him to cancel but he just wanted to give me negative review >"< ) => so i gave up on level one seller and i think i will never can reach that level 😦

My icon design gig got feather in just 1 or 2 weeks and I got TOP RATED SELLER in 2 months and half, so so so so happy and i got top rated seller on christmas day ( Dec 25 ) WOWWW!!! it was my best christmas present >"<

Now i will share with you guys how to avoid the negative reviews from buyers 😃 and get rated level

  1. The first preview image is really important and you have to work on it carefully 😃 i change my preview picture almost ever week.

  2. The gig title is clearly and simple ( as short as possible )

  3. Gig description: you can ask buyer to message you first if they think their requirement is complicate, you need to write about the size the number of color, texts, etc very clearly so buyers can understand quickly. You should tell about how many revisions you can handle, it’s important because some buyers will keep going ask you to fix over and over. You can say " i just can do 3 revisions so plz tell me all of the detail that you want me to fix at the same time"

  4. When the buyers feel ok with your service, you can ask them " Do you mind to turn on my portfolio sample so another can see the service quality" => you don’t ask them to rate 🙂 but when buyers turn on your sample work they will also live the positive review ^^ . Some buyers they don’t know how to turn on the portfolio sample on FIverr so you can write like this: " I hope you satisfied with this design 🙂 if you are ok with it plz live me some comment and turn on my portfolio sample follow this rule http://blog.fiverr.com/2012/09/05/introducing-live-portfolio/ SO ANOTHER BUYERS CAN SEE MY SAMPLE WORK 🙂 "

  5. Portfolio pictures or video are really really important, they show buyers your ability and your service quality so make sure you always turn them on ^^

  6. Portfolio pictures (again): my gig is icon design, some of my buyers asked me to fix and the icons might turn to the bad design - so what can i do? => answer: i ask my buyer to use my first design for my portfolio picture ^^

  7. Make sure to suspend (pause) your gig when you are so busy 🙂 => keep you service quality - You can go to “Seller” then click on “Edit” and “Suspend” - will pause your gig for a while so when you are free you can “Active” the gig again ^^ cheer!

  8. Remember to use 🙂 😃 ^^ => happy icon to make your buyers feel comfortable

  9. Create the Flickr account and post all of your portfolios there, Fiverr accept Flickr url ( and youtube url) so don’t wait - post it now 😃

    I hope it helps ^^

    And I want to thank everyone ,buyers , fiverr Customer Support and specially fiverr and everyone who helped me, thank you so much!!! its a pleasure working with you guys

    Have a nice day!!!


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