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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will advanced website audit report,on page off page SEO audit

The title could be improved and normally there should be a space after a comma.
In the gig description:
Maybe change "Is your page doesn't show up"
"So,Let's" could be "So, let's".  It may be better not to say "24/7 Support" if you are 1 person and not a team.

In all 3 package descriptions "upto" could be "up to"
In the standard and premium package descriptions "recomandation(upto" could be "recommendation (up to"

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "compe" in answer 2.
Some FAQ questions are missing the "?" at the end.

In the profile:
In the description: "Hi, My name is" could be "Hi, my name is"

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