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Promoted gig - good or bad?

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Many sellers, including myself, got very excited when we first get the promoted gig function. One will probably wonder if they'll get more leads or sales with this kind of promotion. The answer is yes, but it comes at a cost (and I am not referring to money).

I personally got the promoted function as a level one and didn't sell anything despite getting some impressions and clicks. When I got level two nine days ago, I started getting a good amount of orders from my promoted gig.  Not only did I get paid more for these orders, but they were also very challenging (I love it!).

The problem with a promoted gig is that it will ruin all your other gigs. I have been able to get a total of more than 15,000 impressions for my two main gigs on a thirty day basis, and on average 500 impressions for the secondaries. I was getting 500 - 1000 impressions a day with my organic traffic, but after I started spending money on promoting gigs, the impressions dropped to average 150 a day with only one single day reaching 200.

While my Seller Plus instructor (I was on it for a brief thirty days) didn't offer an algorithmic theory, he did suggest that momentum was important. I think that it is the most plausible. Every time I get a new order, my impression increased (if I got 2 orders, I will be further awarded by the algorithm by a significant boost in my impressions). However, it seems that promoted gigs have also affected this momentum. My organic impressions also dipped further after I received an order, to the extent that I received less than 100 impressions per day.

And I know I am not alone in this.

I think there is a bug in the system that can explain this, while I understand how the system works (rotation) and such, however it does not explain about the awful performance of the gigs, especially when compared to previous "rotations".

I feel that sellers can benefit from using the promoted gig function, especially if your average selling price is above $50.

Since my impression dropped, I increased the number of gigs I was doing and I manage to soften the blow.

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