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can someone rate my gig?


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You should only post your gigs/profile in the relevant categories as per the forum rules. This category is for posting about your experiences on the platform. That being said here are some issues I noticed after just a few seconds looking at your profile.

  • You offer photoshop editing but your gig image doesn't look greatly edited.
  • You say you have 3 years of experience but show none of your work/examples.
  • You say you have experience with "every thing related graphic designing". But you don't show any of the different types of work you can do. You just use the gig packages to choose different work. Buyers may not know exactly what package their work fits into.
  • Your profile/gigs are littered with spelling and grammar mistakes.
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In the morning i have got an order ,i completed the order according to the customer requirements, but after delivering the order, he did not accepted the  order, and disputed the order ,by asking that you cannot do that work, even i have done all his work according to his requirements.

now what should i take the step, either accept the order cancellation request or deny?

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