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Hey Karimrider,

I've had a brief look at your Gig, and here are a few pointers.


^ This is a bit of a weird statement. What does it actually mean? To me, and I'm guessing a lot of other people, makes no sense.


^ This doesn't actually show any credibility to your potential buyers. Okay you've been doing this for a year, but what results have you had for your previous clients? Where can you potential buyers see you can do what you say you can do? Especially for a new seller with no reviews, credibility is super important.


^ You mention at the beginning that this is what you'll be getting, and then repeat this again right after. Just the once would be fine and make your description look more refined.

A few further recommendations for you:

  • Your Gig images aren't bad. But, could be refined a little. I can see that the centring is off on them. This is especially important if you state you'll be providing your clients with content to post / posting it for them. If I was a client, I'd want the content you provide to be spot-on, and if your gig images aren't spot on, I might think that the same will reflect for what you provide to me.
  • Your English and grammar is also a little off. A couple of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and sentence structure could be improved upon. Let's face it. You come from a non native English speaking country but want to attract native English speaking buyers. Even a few grammar mistakes can put buyers off, no matter how small. If buyers think they will have a hard time communicating with you, they won't order. Plus, they will want perfect English within their social media posts. Again, if you can't do this in your description, will they have confidence you'll do this as part of your service?
  • You've very briefly touched on the advantages of buying your packages. But, you need to push this home some more. Create a need for your service. Really show potential buyers what they have to benefit from choosing you. Just what can a buyer expect in terms of results?
  • I can see you haven't made use of the FAQ section. It can always be useful to combat any buyer queries or doubts. Imagine you have no experience in your niche and you're a customer looking to buy the service what you offer. What questions might you have?
  • I think your 'about me' section in your profile could be improved too. For me, it's a bit too lengthy and repetitive. You're also listing the same things that are available in your gig descriptions anyway.


All in all though, it's decent. Especially for a new gig from a new seller. With a bit more tweaking it could be even better. 🙂

As a new seller, I'd really focus on your credibility and putting together a fantastic portfolio of what you've done for previous clients. If I was a buyer in the market for your services, that would be what I want to see, and the difference between choosing you, or another seller.

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