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Webinar: Logo Maker


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Watch this webinar and discover:

  • The benefits of being a Logo Maker seller
  • Editor walkthrough
  • Design tips & tricks
  • Product updates
  • And so much more!

About the Speakers:

Alon David – Product Group Director at Fiverr Been at Fiverr for 4.5 years, working on some of the most interesting products and areas of Fiverr. I’m a designer and freelancer for over 2 decades AND I was the product domain owner of the Sellers for 3 years in my previous role; so I’m very familiar with the needs of our freelancers’ community. I love being part of the Fiverr product, ceaselessly working to improve the experiences and success of both the freelancers and their customers.

Roie Dushnitsky - Product Group Manager at Fiverr. Roie wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night, thinking about improving his customers’ life. His main passion is how creative technology can improve our daily tasks. Before joining Fiverr, he worked in early-stage startups, where he brought the craziest ideas to life through high-end user-experience and a well-executed product strategy.

Lior Pesso - Senior Content Creation and Curation Manager at Fiverr. Lior is in charge of all things top quality! From identifying high-potential sellers and boosting their business on Fiverr, to increasing quality across different marketplace platforms. She also heads our content creation domains, which feature high-quality sellers in inspirational platforms like Fiverr Discover, Fiverr's Pinterest, Fiverr's Logo Maker and more.


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