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As a new seller in Fiverr you need to just wait and let the gig perform if you created an optimized gig.

One thing I noticed there is profile photo mismatch between forum and Fiverr profile. You should use the original photo for the both platform. I was being confused with your gender, don't let it happen with your customers.


You can follow the articles in Fiverr help & education

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Guest sirajulislam71
8 hours ago, pro_editor5 said:

Hi fiver community, I am a new seller and i make some gig's in fiverr but some of my gig does't show in search result. 

So what can i do..............

Go to support and click seller hub.Then scroll down and click post a request. Then in box select gig option then select "My gig doesn’t appear in search result". In here if see your gig is active then it's ok. Or you see it's " seem to active" you must delate gig recreate it again.

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