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Stressed Blocked Client beg to works together again - What would you do?


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Hi Everyone.

Thank you for your time..

It goes like this.

I have regular client.., already work with him for three year.., and always gave 5 star. Good tips. Never thought of getting bad reviews from him.

Minus: This client was very picky.., i'm a little uncomfortable working with him. He has a little design skill, so every time he made order.., he will ask for the source files, change my design, and finally ask me to made the last adjustment based on HIS design.


The problem begin this June when He is too stressed, and always angry with me. (He split with his company co-founder)

Because of this.., i can't clearly understand his project requirement.., (so some of the part was my mistake)

He start use rude words,  complain every time.., saying that i can't provide him with "easy revisions", and stated that i didn't respect his company + wasting his time.

Because of this.., i decide to cancel the project, (reduce my delivery rate) and block him.


1 weeks later, He contacted Me with NEW ID..., says sorry.., etc..,  ( i simply mark it as spam - didn't report it as double id)

1 month later.., HE made a NEW ID  again..., begging me to work with him again.., saying that his business can't goes well without my help etc (marked as spam again)

2 month later - (Today) - NEW ID again.., saying that his business will go bankrupt if i didn't help him. Saying sorry many times. Begging to work with him again.


As a professional seller.., what would you suggest?

Thank you .


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1 hour ago, ridwansugi said:

As a professional seller.., what would you suggest?

As a professional you already made your choice 😉 

Sounds like you had enough in the past with all of his orders. And now he is trying to make you feel guilty that you are basically ruining his business. Just images in what big of a pile of 💩 you will be jumping into that was piling up for the last 2 months if you agree to work with him again.

I probably would’ve drop a message first not to keep him in “suspense” something simple along the lines “unfortunately I don’t think that I’m the right person to do your project anymore. There are a lot of other talented sellers, Wishing you all the best bla bla bla” and block him again 

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If your business depends on working with a single external service provider, you're doing something fundamentally wrong. But that's not your problem 🤪

I experienced cases like this. When customers, due to the crowded market, price dumping and some VIP tags on their profile name, suddenly get the feeling that you belong to them for a few dollars. That you have to obey and they can talk to you as they want - up to real insults. A rejection and the termination of the business relationship brings them back to reality very quickly and often ends with desperate whining and begging. Suddenly there's an appreciation of your service and they realize what they actually lost. I mean, I don't go to my favorite restaurant and then insult the waiter because I'm having a bad day. Makes no sense.

To answer your question: I would never work with the former customer again. I haven't in my cases either. If necessary, I would only send a final message and not always block him wordlessly, that could perhaps go down badly with Customer Service, even if you are of course in the right. A factual and friendly summary, with a final statement that the cooperation here and for all future no longer takes place and he must look for a new seller.

This should also be a great learning process. Maybe next time the Super Awesome VIP Special Sergant First Grade will think about how to communicate properly with each other online.

Rant Over.

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