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On one of your gigs there are too many words!

When a buyer searches for a service, often they are in a hurry and skim the gigs presented to them—they do not take time to read the text that describes your gig below the gig image. Therefore it is best to get rid of any small print in your gig thumbnail and have 4 or 5 bold words describing your service in your gig image.

In the gig with a video you have no words. If your buyer is skimming the search images, how do they know what you sell?


11 minutes ago, pankli said:

Look at the best gigs and try to get inspired by them(not copy) 


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will setup organic youtube ads for grow your channel
In the title maybe change "for grow your channel"
In the basic and premium package descriptions "audiance+" could be "audience+"

In the profile:
Maybe change "I’m an international certified Digital Marketing and specialize in" - a person can't really be a "digital marketing".
Maybe change "So if you an issue"


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