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  1. Great job! This step is the hardest. I'm glad you've done this!
  2. To get clicks your gig should both :be on the first page of search results and stand out from other gigs. To be on the first page without any reviews you should find a niche with low competition. To stand out from the others you should have a great cover.
  3. Change the fonts. Your fonts stand out too much. Ideally, look at the best gigs and try to get inspired by them(not copy)
  4. Actually I wanted to ask some questions about gigs, but then came across this topic. And now I feel the urge to write something about me. My name is Pankli, now I live in Germany, but I'm from Russia. I'm new to fiverr. I will say more, I have not made a single sale yet🙃, but I maintain optimism and patience. Because I see from the examples of other participants that this is a good idea. When was your first sale? And what did you do right before that?
  5. Two main things are : your cover and your tags. Because first a customer will search for a gig with words and if your tags are on point then you will show on customer's page. Your cover should be interesting cause if it's not the customer will not click on your gig. And also pricing and description. When your price is too high or your description is not informative enough then the customer will not order your gig. So what should you do. Cover, Tags, Pricing, Description. If it was useful, you can follow my page on Fiverr and the forum. When you have any more questions, just ask. I am always ready to help ☺️
  6. So right now my Gigs are different. The first one is individual and 3 others are in the same style
  7. Hello everyone! I recently registered on Fiverr, made 4 Gigs. And I have a question. What is better to do : have the same style of covers to make it a feature of my page, or make a different cover every time to try to attract attention to it individually? Now I have started making a similar style of covers. I decided to ask, so that in case of something not to redo too much. Thank you in advance, Pankli
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