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How Can I received a order.


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34 minutes ago, raihansuman209 said:

Focus on your eye catching gig image, tag, title and gig description. If everything OK then hope you will get your first order soon.

In addition to this, a good description would help big time. I am also trying to figure things out but ya!.... All the best, keep on hustling. We need to understand, getting a client in outside world via cold calling/ emails/ funnels, etc or on Fiverr will always be a challenge. So lets keep learning and supporting and grow 🙂

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1. Create your gig title small and low competitors keyword.

2. Create an Gig different and eye-catching from other sellers.

3. Use the best low competition keywords, tags, and create an effective Descriptions.

4. Seek to improve your skill quality all time.

5. Use Fiverr mobile Apps .

6. Send 10 buyer request Daily .

7. Share your gig on Social Media and get more orders.

8.active online 15/7 in regular.

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20 hours ago, freelancer_omar said:

I get a lot of impressions and clicks on the gig but I don't get the order. What can I do for this?

I checked out your gig. First of all, that music in your gig video has to go. It's horrible. And what's the point of having a gig video if you're not using it properly? Your gig video has 80s style transitions, bad music, and ugly graphics. Get a professional video made, where you dress nicely and present your services and explain why the buyer should order from you.

You need to have a great value proposition (i.e. something that sets you apart from all the other sellers, and makes the buyer want to order from you, and not one of the gazillion other sellers out there). 

Besides, you're in a generic category with lots of competition. The "gurus" out there who tell people you will succeed by offering no-skill jobs like this on Fiverr aren't telling the whole truth, to put it mildly. Thousands upon thousands of other sellers are trying to offer data entry and low-skilled tasks like this. Only a very few will succeed, and the rest will sit on the forums, wondering why they aren't getting rich. 

Then on to your gig description. Several typos/words and names that should have a capitalied first letter. Weird English in places. 

And the list about why I should trust you? Why would I, a non-muslim, trust you because you are a muslim? I don't care about your religion, and bringing it up in an international marketplace is unprofessional. I would probably not order from you because of that single point alone. Keep in mind, most buyers on Fiverr are probably not muslim. Be neutral and professional. Business isn't about religion, but wether or not you can deliver value for money. 

You even preach about your religion twice. "Insha Allah" or any other religious stuff has nothing to do in a gig description, unless you offer Quran-specific services and so on. 

Typos in your gig description and bad English are two big red flags for a buyer. If they see that, they will leave, because they will think "this seller can't even make a good description, so how can they do a good job with my data"?


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