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How about a Fiverr referral service to refer sellers?

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I’ve referred about 3-4 people to use Fiverr selling services since I have been a seller for the past three months, as I think Fiverr is a great company and the idea is wonderful.

My suggestion is a Fiverr referral service. You refer sellers to Fiverr, and when they sell a gig you receive maybe 2.5% - 5% of the transaction cost. (So around 10-20 cents per gig sold, Fiverr keeps the other 15-18.5%)

I think you would see an EXPLOSION of new sellers (which means more money for Fiverr) as current sellers have an incentive to refer their friends. As it stands right now, Sellers rarely refer because they don’t want more competition, and buyers don’t know how it works when selling. If the CRON heartbeat would be overloaded transferring the 10 cents each sale, maybe the program could record the amount of sales and pay out at the end of the month.

If you had a referral service, the sellers would be willing to take a few hours of time to explain the process to friends,

and would happily continue to drive more sellers to Fiverr as a result. I know me personally would refer tons of friends and explain the process.

Even if the referral signup was through another login I would love this.


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That only benefits you if you refer a buyer. You don’t get anything until they SPEND $10. They could sell thousands of dollars in gigs and you won’t see a penny of it.

I agree they should have something to balance the equation. But all this is new growth so it will take some time to iron things out. Fiverr wants to make sure people are coming here with money to spend first.

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