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Here's How You Can Improve Your Gig For Success Today!

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This question gets asked a lot on the forum. There's also many new sellers who think they know the system, and will post the same old bad tips on how to improve your success on Fiverr. 

In this post, I've collected a few posts from sellers who actually have real success on Fiverr. It makes it easier to sort out the bad advice from the good ones! 

For full transparancy, I've written a few of these myself. 

Hope it helps! 

That should get you started! 


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Take 15 steps for your success.

1. Write a good title. 
2. Choose the correct category and sub-category. 
3. Identify the correct metadata.
4. Recharge Gig Search Keyword and provide the correct keyword. 
5. Show clear pricing . 
6. Display a sorted description. 
7. Give as much FAQ as possible. 
8. Upload an interesting gig image. 
9. Create good portfolio images. 
10. Stay in a more active Fiverr. 
11. Send 10 buyer requests every day. 
12. Of course, write a spectacular cover letter. 
13. Quickly replay the buyer's message. 
14. Speak in elegant language.
15. Follow the rules of fiverr.

You will succeed.

Please follow the steps for attractive gig image.

  • If you want to do this you must recharge more gigs.
  • Follow how they tried to make Gig attractive.
  • Get a much better idea from their gig image.
  • Remember, gig images of others cannot be used in any way.
  • Of course you have to know the basic of Photoshop.
  • Even if you don't know, you can learn by visiting YTB.

Thank You

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