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  1. Its not true. Tipping is very common in europe aswell. In restaurants, bars, clubs. When I have been tipped here on Fiverr, then it was from european clients. Generally, I think tipping is becoming exctinct. I have been talking to a bartender in sweden, where they pay everything with card. (even one beer in a pub) and he said, that since he started bartending a few years ago, the people started to give less and less tips. And by now, nobody tips at all. I think its a courtesy to do so. Its just polited and respectful to give someone who provides a service for you some extra money. Not even when it was an extraordinary service, but just the service in it self should be appreciated.
  2. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/gallery/24-greatest-train-movies/ 👀
  3. I noticed alot of captcha's on my device too, especially when looking through lots of gigs and being very active. Its the safest way to protect vs bots, it also applies to the forum. Its a good thing and everyone who is active as a human, not as a bot, doesnt have to fear anything. I was blocked too for a few minutes, got resolved pretty quickly.
  4. There will always be a huge difference between impressions and actual clicks or conversion rate. Impression is simply people scrolling through fiverr and your gig was somewhere on the page. Naturally alot more will be doing this than actually clicking onto your gig. Your gig ranking consists of many things and click and conversion rate are factors that most probably come into play.
  5. This thread derailed quickly. 😄 Its nooooot allowed to have two accounts. Its against the rules and Fiverr has ways to know if you its a second account or actually another person using the account.
  6. This makes absolute sense to me. Thank you for sharing the supports answer 🙂
  7. Theoretically it should be possible, because there might live more than one freelancer in your house that you share the internet connection with.
  8. you dont. You do amazing work and the buyers will review you in return. A happy customer will review you on their own behalf.
  9. Key Karen, I am a game dev here on Fiverr too. You should always order from someone with source code included and it should not be for extra money. As theratypist quoted, you completely own the project you ordere, so the seller is never allowed to reuse anything from your project or resell it etc. What you describe is a horror scenario for anyone working on a game, because they would be completely dependant on that one developer. I have two important tip for you that I have seen many clients do: Try to you use few different developers as possible over the course of your project, because many developers can turn a code base into a complete mess real quick. When you want to avoid that sellers reuse your project, always send a very stripped down version of your project that only exactly includes the parts that needs to be worked on. Another thing I have noticed is that many sellers offer very low prices. Unreasonably low prices for the amount of work that making a game takes. If you pay very little, you can basically be sure that you dont own the rights to that game, because 100 others do too. Basically you receive a copy and pasta project with parts altered. It then depends on what parts and asset of that project are actually paid for and many things more if you have a project that you really own the rights to sell. So generally, there is alot to be careful about. I think you should go in with a clear vision and budget and always try to get feedback and updates from the seller.
  10. lol Mike, you are just making a fool of yourself. You cant say I contradict myself, when you quote HALF of my sentence. 😄 Thats not how it works. To requote correctly: I. "I advice everyone to get vaccinated, when their health allows it. Not everybody should get vaccined, but thats a different story and is up to a doctor to decide." II. "I never said I have an expert medical opinion" I. and II. are not contradictary. In I. advise to be vaccined based on the recommendations of most recognized research institutes and explicitly refrain from taking this advice as medical advice, because the decision should Quote: "up to a doctor to decide". This is exactly equal to statement II. and therefore not contradictory.
  11. I advice it, because its adviced by the RKI and many research insitutes. its not MY advise, its the advice by medical experts and I simply stated it. Thanks for your spelling advise btw. Also do you know how quoting works? You just quoted half of my sentence, without my explanation of who this advicse applies to.
  12. I never said I have an expert medical opinion, please try to keep this respectful and less childish / sarcastic. I said that I trust the Robert-Koch-Institut and many other research institutes for approving it. Ofcourse there is criticism, and no without longterm studies those will not be diminished, because there is simply no way to disprove them. I didnt "dimiss" anybody like you just assumed again. And its fine to take criticism seriously and also note that there is a risk with vaccination. Its also not really "selective" information, because literally EVERY country in the world vaccinates. Its the COMMON POSITION of MOST researchers and doctors in the world. So yes, I advice everyone to get vaccinated, when their health allows it. Not everybody should get vaccined, but thats a different story and is up to a doctor to decide. And atleast for germany, there will be doctors doing tests before you get vaccinated, so yes its safe to advice vaccination and cannot be viewed as "amateur medical advice" as you call it.
  13. why do you assume that I am unaware of that? When did I say anything implying that? I never said that there are no doctors and researchers who would warn about vaccination. All I said was that the most reliable research institute in germany is approving it. (if you remember, all you said to that was that I should know better because of Germany's history...) This is ridiculous Mike.
  14. Also, you made several assumption about me. If you dont care to clarify them and stand by them or drop them, then what are you doing, just being stubborn? And you are calling me a kid. 🤨
  15. Yeah, I dont think this is fun actually. ^^ You tried to derail this into a weird comparision about n**i germany. Do you even read what you write? 🤨 And no, I am not parroting anything. You are the one who is trying to squeeze something out of this discussion by telling everyone how amateur their statements are. Even though the statements have been linked to reliable sources. And you ask again for a statement about long term effects, even though I already answered you that one. When the research institutes cant answer that question, nobody here in the forum can. You are just trying to prove your point of us being "amateur doctors", even though we backed up our advice based on statements from reliable research institutes. You are making a fool of yourself. Calling people names. Accusing them of the weirdest things. (n**i comparision, because I am ... German? thats some top notch discussion skills, Mikey) I think you should stick to the helpful posts in the forum and stop trying to derail this thread without backing any of your statements up with information.
  16. You just made a extremly vague statement and I wanted you to elaborate. History is one of my favourite topics to learn about and I am very aware of the german history. But you just made a weird assumption that you need to either elaborate and clarify, or drop.
  17. you should re-re-read, because I never said that you said whether anyone should get vaccinated or not. I just said that you are "trying to lecture everybody about whats right and whats wrong and how to think and how to make statements". whats that supposed to mean?
  18. No your statements are the silly ones lol. Calling other people sheep. Come on ^^ I wont make any statement about that, because I am not qualified to do so and there are not current long term studies. But, as for the most reliable german research institute (Robert-Koch-Institute) the most common side effects can be ruled out in short-term studies. That is why the RKI has categorized the vaccines safe to use for most people. So I am not "repeating tv" as you call it, but I have trust in science and research institutes such as the RKI. If you dont want to get vaccined thats fine. But you are the one here trying to lecture everybody about whats right and whats wrong and how to think and how to make statements. You should look at yourself and consider a change of perspective. That doesnt mean that you have to get vaccined yourself, but calling other people sheep just makes you look ridicilous and exactly 0% believable.
  19. You dont't have to be a medical professional to know from viable sources (professional research institutes) that its the right thing for most individuals to get vaccinated. This is from a pandemic fighting standpoint, but also from a medical standpoint. No, I am not a medical professional, but I can safely RELY on other experts to base my statement on. So telling everyone here to shut it, because they are not professional is not making much sense. I can still make any kind of statement without being a complete expert in it, aslong as I can back up my statement with sources of reliable expertise. Obviously everything read on a forum is to be taken with a grain of salt and it doesnt replace a professional medical advice.
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