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What exactly does Seller Plus provide sellers?


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I just completed my order number 2000 as a seller and have been finding the Fiverr experience to be quite awesome for the most part.

I'm always looking for new ways to accelerate my growth on Fiverr, and the newly (or not so newly anymore) introduced Promoted Gigs feature has been providing great value for me as a seller. Now I'm looking at the possibility of also getting a Seller Plus subscription, but I don't know if it would be a good fit for me personally. 

The listed benefits are as follows:

 Dedicated success manager

 Advanced analytics dashboard

 Coupons for your valued buyers

 Priority access to buyer requests

 Financial benefits & a better fit in growth programs


Personally I don't find myself getting a lot of use out of most of these. I'm not really interested in having access to buyer requests, coupons or even a success manager.

I guess the success manager would be a great way to get a direct line of communication with Fiverr when something unexpected happens with one of my buyers (kind of like a support agent except they are more likely to take your side, I guess?), but other than that I don't see my self using this feature much.

So I guess the most important features for me would be "Financial benefits & a better fit in growth programs" (whatever that means) and "Advanced analytics dashboard". So I was wondering what exactly these features provide. What are the "Financial benefits" and which new analytics will I have access to? 

Can someone who have been using the Seller Plus program give some more info about these financial benefits and the analytics? Like for example the details around which information you get from the "Top Keywords" analytics page? Some screenshots from the analytics page (with numbers blacked out if you want) would be awesome.

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